How Versioning Saves You Time and Storage Space

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Versioning is a fantastic tool to give you the best value for money storage space possible, by removing unnecessary file clusters from previously saved files. We have built our versioning software from the ground up using a dedicated team of engineers with over 25 years experience in the industry.

Most backup services and manual backups simply store another version of a file when the system is backed up. As you can imagine, re-saving a file every day adds up to alot of storage space, and when this happens you have to clear the old ones manually, or use a new drive. This is really common when people back up their data on site or in the office using external hard drives; they fill up fast! So we here at Smile Backup designed custom software which saves every change made to a file, without needing to save the entire file all over again.

Our versioning software is built into our backup service, and dramatically speeds up your daily or weekly backups. This is great for offices and businesses because it allows more time to be spent on running a successful company, and freeing up the time used to sort out the backup situation. 

Another great aspect of our versioning software is that, with Smile Backup, it stores multiple versions of the backed up file. This is perfect for files which are used daily such as databases. With Smile, you can view any edits made to a file and restore from up to 3 versions ago. If somebody made a mistake with a file, or it was corrupted and then backed up, it’s no worry because you can just go back to the last stable version; the ideal situation for ‘living documents’ which are constantly being changed.

You can even keep track of which files have been changed, and have a record every day. Our email notification system not only let you know when a backup occurs, but also tells you which files, and the size of any changes. This is perfect for monitoring activity, and can be great for keeping track of the daily activities on the system. Remember that versioning does not always have to be used, and anyone can choose to backup a file for one-time-only. This is great for making a restore point through a system image as backing up the entire system every day will still take a fair amount of time. 

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