Ransomware Awareness Campaign

Here at Smile backup solutions we want to bring helpful information to the forefront of our services, We know prevention is the best cure. That’s why we offer¬†Ransomware protection and mitigation.

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Here at Smile Backup we focus on the very best protection against Ransomware for businesses across the UK. One of our mantras is “Prevention is the best line of defence” this is because Ransomware in itself is almost impossible to cure. There are some crucial precautions you can take to counter the chance you will become infected, but the best way to not lose critical data and important client information is to backup. We offer a service that takes care of all this for you; Smile Backup. We cant stress enough just how important a great backup service can be to any user or business.

Ransomware works by entering a system through malware, usually via phishing in emails. Once the malware is on the system, it usually shows a fake error message asking the user not to shut down the computer; while this is happening, the system is being methodically encrypted without your permission. Obviously, encryption is incredibly difficult to overcome, with some strains such as Lockeye and WannaCry variants taking potentially hundreds of years to decode. The user is left with two options; pay the ransom, or wipe the system and start over. But if the system is backed up to a remote location using the Smile Backup service, then all files can be restored remotely, without having to pay the ransom. 

Most companies will just look past threats that are actively destroying businesses and think “it’ll never happen to us, we’re protected” until it does eventually pierce a hole into your network and it’s then too late. Unfortunately, no company is safe from Ransomware; every year charities, doctors, even schools get affected by this cyber-threat, and it shows no sign of slowing down. We’re extremely competitive in what we provide; a great fully supported, bespoke backup solution. It not only keeps separate versions of your data for 30 days on the introductory package, but it also encrypts the data using our specialised military grade AES encryption. If your data was breached then there is no way it could be used or even opened. For the average price that you pay for satellite TV, you can backup your companies data to prevent anything malicious ever destroying your business, from human error or Ransomware.

Thanks for reading and why not download our free protection PDF that includes some important statistics about Ransomware and some other threats that are working their way through company infrastructures on a daily basis.

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