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We are Smile Backup, a fully GDPR compliant backup service operating across Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull and the North of England. We can backup, protect and restore your company data, get you GDPR compliant, and offer you tailor made, personal services that fit your business needs.

Every business needs a backup client, no matter the size, because having data backed up is the best line of defence against cyber-attacks in the digital age.

Our Technology goes above and beyond.

All data that reaches our state-of-the-art datacentres is encrypted using Military level 128-Bit AES level encryption, meaning that no-one can access the data stored here, not even us. Data is stored into its very own private area in a server array.

All of our data is protected by 24/7 CCTV and alarms at all times, while also being further backed up to one of our co-locations here at Smile. All of our data centres have multiple layer redundancies, meaning 100% uptime; auxilliary power, fire protection, co-locations, we use it all to keep data as secure as possible.

Here at Smile we take data seriously, and strive to not only keep data encrypted and secure, but to offer round the clock up-time and support. Our data centres are GDPR compliant, ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited, and protected against every conceivable threat; your data is safe with us.

Smile Private Cloud Backup Solutions In Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull
Smile Cloud Backup

We understand user experience.

Just a few simple clicks to backup your data using our custom built backup software; it’s easy to use and is designed with the user in mind. Our backup client is state of the art, can run automatically every day, and doesn’t clog up your computer.

With Smile Backup, our experienced engineers will take care of all the important aspects so you can focus on your business.

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 Support from our friendly staff and engineers
  • UK only data centres and co-locations
  • Multi-platform backup system
  • Fully GDPR compliant software and storage
  • Easy to use, custom built software
  • Daily reports emailed straight to you
  • 128-bit military level AES encryption
  • Automatic updates and scheduling
  • Multiple layer redundancies to keep 100% uptime
  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • Over 25 years industry experience
  • Versioning to keep file sizes down
  • Up to 365 day Delete Retention
  • Access files from anywhere, on any device
  • Plus loads more!

Just some of the features we provide.

User friendly interface.

Our custom built backup client is built around two things; security and ease of use. Once set up, the client runs automatically at times that you decide, minimising any risk from users.

Easy file restoration.

If you lose your files; don’t worry. Files can be restored after deletion from up to 365 days previously, meaning no data is ever truly lost. Even if a mistake was made before backing up, our custom designed versioning will get back the data that you need.

Military grade AES encryption.

All of your data is double-layer military grade encrypted and then stored at our highly secure data centre. Data reaches us encrypted, so even we don't have access to your readable data. We even have an onsite industrial generator so if the lights go off, your data doesn't.

Access data from anywhere.

Access your private data and files through any device, support for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu and even smartphones or tablets. You never know when you might need your data, so we've designed Smile to be accessible from anywhere.

Automatic updates.

Get notified automatically by email every time a file is backed up and a daily backup report of all the information the backup. You’ll always be in the know, and you have full control.

Highly trained engineers.

Our engineers are fully trained to take of your data, with decades of experience. Our lead engineers are Microsoft Certified, and have created a custom backup platform for business use. Our ISO 27001 certification proves our dedication to security and training.

Step by step support.

Our support is always available, and our friendly service is there to keep everyone calm in an emergency, and to stop a problem from escalating. We take data security, and smiles, seriously.

GDPR compliant software.

With the changing landscape of data protection laws, you can trust us to keep all storage GDPR compliant, and to avoid the hefty fines for un-secured data.

Private cloud based backup

Privacy is critical to data security, and that's why only you have access to your data. All of your data reaches our centres encrypted, where only you have the encryption key.

Main office location

Prices start from as little as;


  • 250gb Storage

  • Easy to use, custom backup software

  • Backup and restore files up to 30 days old

  • 24/7 Smile support

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